Myth: So many women suddenly coming forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault is suspicious.


The Story:

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and assault from a number of different women and girls across the country.

The Myth:

If these women had really been assailted, they would have come forward much earlier, rather than waiting until the election, as “Trump surrogate A.J. Delgado told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “If somebody actually did that, Chris, any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time.

The Truth:

Many of these women did come forward at the time, but were silenced or brushed off. Ivana Trump only “recanted” her story after her divorce paperwork required her to get his permission before speaking about him in public. When she violated this gag order, he cut off her alimony. ‘Jane Doe’  was allegedly threatened by Donald Trump if she revealed his rape of her when she was 13 years old. During the election season, she was intimidated into dropping her press conference when she began receiving death threats.

A massive number of women don’t report their sexual assaults. The ones that do very often won’t come forward unless they know there are other victims.

Studies have found that a minority of men are committing a majority of assaults, meaning that if one woman comes forward claiming to have been raped by a man, it is actually more likely she is not his only victim.

The Verdict:

“So many women coming forward in so short a time to accuse Trump is suspicious.”



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